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Artist Description

Bobby Millette is a dynamic disruptor in the music industry, showcasing a multi-talented artistry and a pioneering approach to Hip-Hop. With a distinct style and thought-provoking exploration of identity and self-discovery, he pushes boundaries and leaves a lasting impact.

Photo credit to Juan Pablo

Artist Report 🌀

Meet Bobby Millette, a talented artist from Florida’s vibrant music scene. Bobby does it all: he creates awesome web content, takes amazing photos, sells houses, raps, and produces music.

For over 15 years, Bobby has poured his heart into Hip Hop music. His beats and lyrics are catchy and meaningful, touching the souls of his listeners.

Bobby Millette NFTs

Not just a musician, Bobby’s also an incredible photographer. He captures the essence of his subjects with his keen eye and attention to detail, earning admiration in the photography world.

But that’s not all! Bobby has embraced the digital art world and found success with NFTs. His music NFT collections on Gala Music have sold out, with tracks like ‘Joogin’ and ‘Moanin’ making waves in the crypto art scene.

Bobby Millette Music

Driven by passion and a commitment to his artistic vision, Bobby Millette pushes boundaries. His music reflects his experiences, emotions, and dreams, resonating with his growing fan base. Keep an eye on this multi-talented artist as he fearlessly explores new avenues of expression, leaving his mark on the world of music and art.

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