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Artist Quick Minute Show

Unveiling artistic brilliance in minutes! Discover the vibrant world of music, art, and NFTs in a flash. Amplify your creative journey with lightning-speed interviews and captivating insights. Ready to dive into the artistic pulse? Join us now

The Future of Entertainment is in Web3

Welcome to “Artist Quick Minute,” the show where I dive into the world of music and art in the era of Web3. I firmly believe that Web3 music is the future of the industry, and that’s precisely why I interview talented musicians and artists who are embracing this exciting frontier.

In each episode, I invite remarkable emerging artists, both from the music scene and the world of painting and NFT collections. Through a series of eight quick but thought-provoking questions, I unravel their unique musical journeys.

I’ve had the honor of chatting with some extraordinary talents, such as October London, the R&B sensation from Deathrow Records, and Emily Lazar, the mesmerizing lead singer of September Mourning. These conversations have been nothing short of inspiring.

Every Friday this summer, a new episode will be released, giving you a chance to discover the diverse perspectives and artistic brilliance of each guest. While our official website “” is currently undergoing development, you can still find a published article dedicated to each artist I interview, complete with an artist profile and links to their captivating NFTs.