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Just Shockey is an authentic and genre-fluid singer-songwriter hailing from Los Angeles, California. With a soulful acoustic-driven sound infused with hints of hip-hop vibes, Just Shockey’s music takes listeners on a captivating journey.

Artist Report 🌀

Just Shockey has established himself as a self-taught writer, composer, rapper, recording artist, and producer. Driven by his acoustic-driven heart and a passion for words, Just Shockey’s music defies traditional genre boundaries.

Just Shockey NFTs

His authentic and genre-fluid sound has resonated with audiences in various settings, from intimate living rooms to prestigious venues like the Getty Museum.

Participating in the Gala Music Competition and collaborating with Gala Music, a leading Web3 platform, has been a transformative experience for Just Shockey.

Just Shockey Music

Just Shockey is currently collaborating with acclaimed artist Jordin Sparks on an upcoming track, a testament to his rising prominence and the acknowledgment of his artistic prowess.

As he continues to expand his artistic horizons, Just Shockey has also found success through sold-out NFT releases. These unique digital assets have allowed him to monetize his art while providing his fans with an unforgettable and exclusive experience.

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