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Category: Artist Quick Minute

Lil Wayne Expresses His Unmatchable Talent Amidst AI Advancements


In a recent Billboard cover interview, rap superstar Lil Wayne confidently asserted that no AI could ever replicate his natural…

Drake Makes History with $5 Million Arena Concert


Drake Makes History: First Rapper to Earn $5 Million in a Single Arena Concert Drake, the popular Canadian rapper, has…

The Weeknd Soars Beyond History: Surpassing Michael Jackson’s Tour Revenue Record


The Weeknd has achieved a remarkable feat by surpassing Michael Jackson’s revenue record for the highest-grossing tour ever performed by a Black artist. According to a report by Hot New Hip-Hop, The Weeknd’s After Hours Til Dawn tour, which commenced last summer, has outperformed the iconic Bad tour by Jackson in 1987. The Canadian singer’s tour has grossed an impressive $350 million, while Jackson’s tour, adjusted for inflation, earned $311 million. Notably, Michael Jackson held this record for an impressive 36-year span.