Gala Music, the web3 music streaming platform, has recently unveiled its highly anticipated All Access Store, bringing a new level of excitement to music enthusiasts. This store offers exclusive opportunities that cannot be bought with money but can be acquired using Gala Music points earned through active engagement on the platform. The All Access Store provides a range of unique experiences, including front-row seating, VIP lounge access, and exclusive merchandise for events featuring renowned artists like Drake.

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One of the standout events showcased in the store is the Drake NYC concert, scheduled for July 25th. This limited edition experience allows Gala Music users to purchase tickets using 59,000 Gala Music points, granting them unprecedented access to Drake’s performance, VIP amenities, and a memorable gift bag. Additionally, the All Access Store features other exciting events like Tomorrowland Backstage Pass, Drake LA Friends and Family, Outside Lands VIP Experience, and an exclusive secret music event.

With Gala Music’s All Access Store, fans have an opportunity to immerse themselves in extraordinary musical journeys and create unforgettable memories. By leveraging Gala Music points earned through active platform engagement, users can access exclusive events, rubbing shoulders with industry heavyweights, experiencing up-close performances, and enjoying various VIP perks. The All Access Store represents Gala Music’s ambition to revolutionize the music streaming industry and provide unparalleled experiences for music lovers worldwide.

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