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What is Delysium?

Delysium is a virtual world where 1 billion people and 100 billion AI Virtual Beings live on blockchain. These virtual beings can be our digital companions and Non-Player Characters in various scenarios, such as games, communities, and media platforms.

The AI Virtual Beings are available on Delysium’s website, and it is the first playable game with AAA-quality listed on Epic Games Store.

Delysium Teaser Trailer

Team Experience

Delysium has built a world-class AAA production team both in R&D and art design.

Experienced and competent industry veterans who worked for Ubisoft, EA, Scopely, Kabam, Xsolla, Microsoft, Nvidia, Meta, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley etc.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Links to buy a DMA are my referral links. I will not share anything that I don’t invest in, or that I do not believe in.

Delysium Token – Artificial Generative Intelligence

Max Supply3 billion
Circulating Supply127.7 million
All time highUS$0.38
Tokenomics57% Treasury | 20% Team | 10% Strategic Sale | 10% Private Sale | 2% Market Maker | 1% Airdrop
Major ListingsKucoin, MEXC, Bybit, Gateio
UtilityLoyalty, Rewards, Staking, Network Interaction, Buying, Selling, Building

Token Overview

The native $AGI will be built on both Ethereum and BNB Chain where the total fixed supply is 3 billion.

How many $AGI are used to distribute to all DMA holders per day?

$AGI received by each DMA per day = Total number of $AGI used to distribute to all DMAs per day / Number of DMAs sold.

All DMA will receive $AGI permanently.

Each day, 700,000 $AGI are used to distribute to DMA holders, as well as to users who participate in DMA referrals. Among them, 600,000 $AGI will be used for the daily incentives of DMAs, while 100,000 $AGI will be used for the referral system.

What is the halving mechanism for $AGI used for DMA incentives?

The number of $AGI used for daily distribution to DMA holders is reduced by half every two years. Thus, compared to 1st year, the $AGI that all DMA holders would share per day are 50% for 2nd & 3rd year, 25% for 4th & 5th year…

Are the $AGI received by DMA holders daily required to be locked?

No. Since the $AGI received by DMA are from Reserve/Treasury (not locked), DMA holders can trade on the secondary market immediately after receiving $AGI, if TGE happens.

Technology and Functionality: 4 Unique Features of Delysium⚙️

Free-to-Own Universes

Delysium is taking virtual reality to a whole new level with its innovative concept of Free-to-Own Universes, where humans and AI Virtual beings come together in a powerful alliance. These virtual beings are not just digital copies of ourselves but are companions and characters that can move across different scenarios, from games to communities and media platforms.

AI Virtual Beings

The AI Virtual Beings on Delysium are not just passive players. They can hold their own assets, participate in game modes, and earn income just like human players. In fact, they can even help promote ecosystem prosperity through their consumption and investment. These virtual beings are powered by a complete neural brain system, comprising different modules for conversation, behavior, voice, and text-to-speech.

Battle Royale

Delysium’s Battle Royale game experience is something you won’t want to miss! The first season, Alpha Phase, launched in 2022, and promises to be an immersive experience like no other. Battle it out with players from around the world and emerge as the ultimate winner!

Creative Gameplay Experience

If you’re looking for something more creative, then Delysium Multiverse Operators (DMO) can work with the Delysium team to create a variety of gameplay experiences, including casual and arena modes. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newbie, there’s something for everyone on Delysium.

The World’s First Playable Whitepaper


Lucy, the world’s first AI-powered Web3 Operating System, is currently in beta and set to revolutionize the world of decentralized finance. With natural language processing capabilities, Lucy helps users navigate the complex world of cryptocurrency and utilize a wide range of on-chain products. Additionally, Lucy integrates with powerful arbitrage bots, enabling users to maximize their profits in the fast-moving DeFi space. As one of many cutting-edge AI systems in the Delysium game, Lucy is leading the charge in the intersection of AI and decentralized finance. Stay ahead of the curve with Lucy, the ultimate tool for navigating the exciting world of blockchain technology.

Delysium Decentralized Game Publishing Solution

As blockchain technology continues to revolutionize various industries, companies that focus on providing innovative solutions are quickly becoming the key players in this space. One such company that has caught our attention is Delysium, whose goal is to create a virtual world where both individuals and artificial intelligence virtual beings can coexist seamlessly on the blockchain.

Delysium’s vision is to provide a unique platform where players can interact with their virtual beings, creating a new level of gaming experience. But it’s not just limited to gaming – the AI virtual beings can serve as companions, NPCs, and even financial advisors. Through natural language conversations, players can learn about cryptocurrencies, check and trade assets, and discover new opportunities while being warned about potential risks.

Delysium’s platform is an innovative solution that provides a new way of exploring the blockchain world, allowing users to create and develop their own virtual beings with unique personalities and capabilities. As we move towards a more digital and connected world, Delysium’s platform is a step towards building a future where individuals and artificial intelligence can coexist in a seamless and immersive manner.

The Economics of Game Publishing

How to buy a Delysium Node

You can purchase a Delysium DMA Node on the Ethereum mainnet. Purchase are made in $USDT, and make sure to include Ethereum gas fees. Node prices increase $25, every time 100 DMAs are sold.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Links to buy a DMA are my referral links. I will not share anything that I don’t invest in, or that I do not believe in.

DMA Holder Exclusive Benefits

Exclusive Validation Incentives

Users can manually receive the corresponding daily incentives as $AGI

Higher Voting Weights

When staking the same amount of $AGI to vote and support DMOs, users holding DMAs can bring higher staking metrics, thus contributing higher prosperity to the designated Universe

Enhanced Staking Rewards

Higher Basic Staking Rewards (#1 in the above graphic): Although all the users who stake their $AGI receive the basic staking rewards, DMA holders receive higher rewards.

Higher Ecosystem Staking Rewards: Among all staking users who support a particular Universe, those who hold DMAs will share more Ecosystem Incentives from the designated DMO as staking rewards. The amount of Ecosystem Incentive depends on the prosperity of the particular Universe.

Additional Rewards

Prior access to different asset offerings in several Universe

Access to other benefits of the Delysium Ecosystem development, such as random drop rewards, etc.


There are 50,000 Delysium Multiverse Accelerator (DMA) in total, and no more supplies.

For the first 10,000 DMAs, each priced at 1,000 USDT

For the rest of DMAs, the more the sales amount, the higher the price

DMA is only available for purchase on the Delysium official website and all users can purchase an unlimited number of DMAs.

The price of DMA will continue to increase as the number of units sold increases. Initially, for every 100 DMAs sold, the price goes up by 25 USDT.

Key Utilities ✅

Decentralized Game PublishingThe Economics of Game Publishing. Delysium aims to decentralize game publishing, making players in-game behavior & data more accessible for developers.
Node InfrastructureDelysium Multiverse Accelerator ( Delysium’s framework operates on community owned nodes, that support DMO’s when they publish games.
MarketplaceNFT Interoperability. Delysiums framework will allow NFT assets, in Delysium game and on other Games in Delysium multiverse to be used in both worlds. This means that character created will exist in all games in Delysiums universe.
Universe CustomizationDMO’s can request that Delysium can help build incentive based models, for their particular game. This means that a game developer can build on the Delysium framework, and utilize it’s current incentive based rewards model, design their own, or request Delysium provide these rewards details.

Blockchain in Gaming

Blockchain technology enables the creation of decentralized gaming platforms, which means that the games and assets within them are not owned by a centralized authority or game developer. Instead, they are owned by the players themselves, who have control over their own digital assets and can trade them freely with others.

This has led to the creation of new gaming experiences, such as play-to-earn games, where players can earn cryptocurrency or other digital assets for their participation in the game. This model incentivizes players to spend more time in the game, creating a virtuous cycle where increased participation leads to increased value for both the player and the game ecosystem as a whole.

Blockchain also provides a secure and transparent way to verify ownership of digital assets, which is especially important in the world of gaming, where virtual items can have real-world value. By using blockchain, game developers can ensure that their players’ digital assets are secure and tamper-proof, and can provide a clear record of ownership for each asset.

In addition to play-to-earn games, blockchain technology is also being used to create new types of in-game economies, where players can buy, sell, and trade digital assets with each other. These assets can take many forms, from in-game items like weapons and armor to unique digital collectibles like rare skins or NFTs.

Overall, the use of blockchain technology in gaming is seen as a major opportunity for the industry to create new and innovative gaming experiences, while also providing players with more control over their own digital assets and more opportunities to earn real value from their time spent playing games.

Core Contributors

Y Combinators – Providing AI solutions to the game industry


Galaxy Interactive

AI-powered AAA Web3 game Delysium nets US$10M strategic funding

Delysium will use the money to develop the content and build Delysium Multiverse, an open-source operating and publishing network on the blockchain

Magazine credit to E27 and writer – Sainul Abudheen K November 7 2022

Xiakun Wu, CEO of Delysium, and CoFounder of rctai

Delysium, an AI-powered AAA Web3 game focusing on Southeast Asia, has secured a US$10 million strategic funding round led by US-based Anthos Capital.

💡 Immutable, GSR, Blockchain Co-investors, Leonis Capital, Antalpha Ventures (Bitmain’s venture arm), Perion, and Formless Capital also participated.

The funding will be used mainly to develop the content, enable unique AI-powered experiences, and build Delysium Multiverse, an open-source operating and publishing network on the blockchain.

“We will focus on making three things happen to build a strong community: a great game, a unique AI-powered experience, and an unprecedented, innovative business model based on the blockchain,” said Xiankun Wu, Co-Founder of rct AI, the parent of Delysium.

rct AI is a company backed by Y Combinator, Makers Fund, and Galaxy Interactive. Its game Delysium is powered by Deterrence, an AI layer for powering intelligent NFTs. The startup has integrated technologies (AI yield farming, conversational AI, battle AI, and AI motion generation) to create cognitively aware virtual beings distributed to every corner of Delysium. Players can enjoy a more dynamic and personalized gaming experience by interacting with AI Meta-Beings.

Born in the virtual world, these AI Meta-Beings are native digital species capable of earning and holding their private assets by joining game modes with players, creating dynamically generated narratives for players, and learning and iterating from continuous interactions with players.

In Delysium Multiverse, each universe is operated by a separate Delysium Multiverse Operator (DMO). Not only can DMOs issue their own NFTs based on Delysium’s IP free of charge, but they can also create their own customized tokenomics or incentive system with their own tokens embedded into the game. Based on this innovative model, players can enjoy more diverse and rich content through community-based DMOs’ creation and operations.

Unix Gaming, one of the world’s largest gaming guilds with more than 200,000 players, has become the first DMO officially announced.

The Mother of Delysium – RCT AI

rct AI is providing AI solutions to the game industry and building the true Metaverse with AI generated content. By using cutting-edge technologies, especially deep learning and reinforcement learning, rct AI creates a truly dynamic and intelligent user experience both on the consumers’ side and production’s side.

Company profile

rctai medium blog

Galaxy Interactive Head, Ryan You, advises on investing in Delysium

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Links to buy a DMA are my referral links. I will not share anything that I don’t invest in, or that I do not believe in.