Enter Metapro, a groundbreaking platform that empowers individuals and businesses alike to embrace the decentralized world of gaming, the metaverse, and NFT marketplaces. This article aims to shed light on the exclusive chance to be part of Metapro’s revolution and explore the potential benefits it offers to investors, gamers, and developers.

Metapro’s Vision and Platform:
Metapro’s mission is to connect players, game developers, and asset creators through a web3-based platform. By offering a web3 wallet for gamers, a protocol for developers, and a marketplace that links everyone, the project seeks to unlock the full potential of decentralized gaming. As the platform gains popularity, it becomes a dedicated metaverse and gaming web3 wallet, enabling users to play games, interact in virtual worlds, shop, and store digital assets securely.

Tokenomics and the MPRO Token:
At the heart of Metapro’s ecosystem lies the MPRO token, a digital utility and governance token designed to fuel transactions and incentivize participants. The maximum supply of MPRO tokens is capped at 500 million. Among these, 40% (200 million tokens) is delegated to the rewards and incentives pool for treasury mining, while the remaining 60% is allocated to liquidity, marketing, and development efforts.

Rewards and Incentives:
To encourage participation, Metapro rewards node operators with MPRO tokens. Every 24 hours, 250,000 MPRO tokens are distributed evenly from the rewards pool to active index node operators. As the project progresses and the rewards pool is relinquished in 2025, node owners will earn MPRO tokens from transaction fees, which further enhances the token’s value.

The Index Node License Opportunity:
For ambitious investors seeking early involvement, the index node license presents an exclusive opportunity. The pre-sale of the index node license allows buyers to support the Metapro platform’s ecosystem and, in return, receive MPRO tokens as rewards for running the node. The index node license serves as a crucial entry point, as it will be required for various activities within the network. The price of the license increases by $150 for every 75 licenses sold, leading to the possibility of significant returns for early adopters.

Partnership with Hive:
Metapro’s collaboration with Hive introduces additional incentives for pre-sale buyers. During promotional events, Hive offers the chance to receive Hive pool NFTs based on the number of index nodes purchased. These NFTs share rewards earned by index nodes within the Hive pool, adding extra value and uniqueness to the investment.

Metapro’s vision of a web3 revolution in online gaming offers a rare opportunity for early adopters to become part of the decentralized gaming ecosystem. The platform’s web3 wallet, protocol for developers, and marketplace hold the promise of transforming the gaming landscape, enabling users to own and trade digital assets as NFTs securely. With the MPRO token serving as the primary currency for transactions, early investors stand to benefit from the token’s potential appreciation as the platform gains popularity.