The Weeknd has achieved a remarkable feat by surpassing Michael Jackson’s revenue record for the highest-grossing tour ever performed by a Black artist. According to a report by Hot New Hip-Hop, The Weeknd’s After Hours Til Dawn tour, which commenced last summer, has outperformed the iconic Bad tour by Jackson in 1987. The Canadian singer’s tour has grossed an impressive $350 million, while Jackson’s tour, adjusted for inflation, earned $311 million. Notably, Michael Jackson held this record for an impressive 36-year span.

In a touching tribute to the late King of Pop, on Tuesday (July 12), The Weeknd released a tour video showcasing his performance of “D.D.” from his mixtape Echoes of Silence, which drew inspiration from Michael Jackson’s legendary track, “Dirty Diana.” This gesture reflects the profound impact Jackson had on The Weeknd’s artistry and highlights the respect he holds for the musical legend’s enduring legacy.

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