Virtual currency

(noun): A type of digital or electronic money that exists only in virtual or digital form, typically used for online transactions.

Example: Bitcoin is a popular virtual currency that can be used to buy goods and services online.


(noun): A participant in a blockchain network who checks and verifies the accuracy of transactions and ensures their legitimacy.

Example: As a validator, John’s role is to validate and authenticate new transactions on the blockchain.


(noun): A secure storage container or space used to protect valuable assets, such as money, documents, or precious items.

Example: The bank’s vault is equipped with advanced security systems to safeguard customers’ valuables.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

(noun): A private network that allows users to securely connect to the internet by encrypting their data and routing it through a remote server.

Example: Using a VPN, Sarah can access her company’s network and work from home while keeping her data protected.

Voting system

(noun): A method or process used for casting and counting votes in elections or decision-making scenarios.

Example: The electronic voting system enabled citizens to cast their votes easily and efficiently during the election.


(noun): The degree of fluctuation or instability in the price or value of a financial asset, such as stocks, cryptocurrencies, or commodities.

Example: The high volatility of the cryptocurrency market makes it challenging to predict price movements accurately.

Validator rewards

(noun): In a blockchain network, the incentives or benefits given to validators for successfully validating and securing transactions.

Example: As a validator, Mark earns validator rewards in the form of additional cryptocurrency tokens for his contribution to the network’s security.

Validator node

(noun): A computer or device that participates in a blockchain network by running specific software to validate transactions and maintain the network’s integrity.

Example: Jane set up a validator node on her server to actively participate in the blockchain network and earn rewards for her validation efforts.